Why Persona?

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Edgy Chic Clothing Stores

Hi- I’m Trish, Kaitlyn and Elizabeth’s mom. I help the girls with some of the behind-the-scenes business work for Persona. I will also be posting blogs to the site periodically and am looking forward to sharing my love of  clothes and style with all of you!

That being said, I was recently asked, “What it is like working with your daughters?”

To answer that: The relationship between a mother and her daughters, as well as the relationship between sisters, is beautiful and sometimes very interesting. We can go from disagreeing ferociously, to genuinely laughing with one another in a matter of seconds. However, one thing remains constant--our unconditional love for one another. I feel fortunate that my daughters are a part of my daily work routine, and love that each of us has our own set of talents and gifts to benefit this family business. Kaitlyn and Elizabeth have a way with words and are going to share, WHY Persona.

The Girls:

We started Persona as a way to combine our love for clothes and entrepreneurism. Is fashion our life? Definitely not. We value freedom, independence and unlimited time with our family. Persona is a fun and fashionable way to get us there. We also desire Persona to be a platform to encourage women to live authentic lives. We hope that through Persona we can encourage women to dream big, live passionately, and go after their wildest aspirations—that is true beauty!

Growing up in a farming family, entrepreneurism has always kindled within us. However, it was moments with our grandma that ignited the flame. We have not forgotten those individual moments with our grandmother, pouring out our dreams, concerns, and fears as she sat across the table. She would point that old wrinkly finger at us and say, “You can do and achieve every one of your dreams. You can be a lawyer and a doctor. You can teach others how to eat and live healthy. You can own your own business. You can write books. You can do whatever you want. You can do it all. You really can, but whatever you choose, make sure you absolutely love what you do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or it’s not possible.” Grandma was a librarian for most of her life. She said, “I loved every day of being a librarian, loved it. I wouldn’t have done anything else.” We see that image of her so vividly and hear the echo of her voice nearly every day. So when people ask us why a clothing store? We like fashion and we are passionate about people, so we respond, “Why not?”

All three of us agree, it is difficult to distinguish between our business and personal relationships, but we wouldn't change a thing. Building Persona together has added a whole new aspect to our relationship, and it's a challenge we enjoy tackling together. Although it's a lot of hard work, we believe in our company. Success is much sweeter when you can share it with your family.

We are living one of our dreams, and are more than excited to take you along on this journey with us. But we want to know... what is your dream? What are you passionate about that you have been delaying going after? Did reading this spark something in you, or light a fire under a dream that has been dormant for years? Let us know in the comments below. We want to encourage you along the way. That is what Persona is all about.

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