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 1) What is your favorite item in the Persona store right now? Why?


The navy blue Lucy dress. She’s a little secretive, slightly sexy type. She doesn’t look like anything special, and then you put her on and it’s like whoooa wow! I gotta have you gorgeous! (She will be on the website very soon!)


The grey waxed pant! I love anything that feels like leggings, but looks dressy enough for the office. Elizabeth and I aren’t the typical black or khaki trouser girls, but still need options for when we have to dress up. The grey waxed pant are perfect.

2) What is your favorite season to dress for?


Summer-- it’s so much easier to look good quickly and feel comfortable!

My personal summer fashion equation is this:

Long dress + sunglasses + oversized floppy hat = looks like I tried, but it literally took me a minute to get ready to go = perfectly my style

But, I also love winter because I love wearing black. It’s my default.


Spring -- it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold! I love to layer, layer, layer. I get that from my mama. Living in South Dakota, some spring days are freezing and others are scorching hot. That leads to variety in what I wear, and then I don’t get sick of any outfits.

Summer is technically my favorite season, but I don’t think a bikini under clothes I can mow and garden in counts as getting dressed :)

3) Define your style in 5 words.


  1. Casual.
  2. Slightly Edgy.
  3. Things that don’t match, but mysteriously “go”.
  4. Easy.
  5. Fast. I do NOT like to spend time getting ready. I give myself a half hour to do the whole works-- wash face, brush teeth, hair, clothes and out the door. This does take some planning and practice ;)

More than 5 words…whoops.


  1. Casual business professional -- Did I just make that up? Yep. I love new age business wear that doesn’t include suits, but is still dressy enough to wear to meetings and the office. Hot pink pencil skirt > black pencil skirt, in my opinion.
  2. All-over-the-place (If I add hyphens does that make it one word?? ;)). My looks during a week go from business casual, to boho chic, to sporty. Maybe style ADHD is a better description.
  3. Comfortable -- more than a few hours in anything with a button and zipper is a few too many hours for me.
  4. Classic.
  5. Copycat -- I love looking at Pinterest for outfit ideas I can copy or people watch for fashion inspiration.

4) Where is your favorite place to shop?


My sisters closet…I’m totally serious.

Otherwise, I prefer shopping online… no specific store. Plus, things in the mail are like Christmas presents!

I do not like shopping malls-- too many people, too much noise and overwhelming smells coming from synthetic cologne and perfume.. sick.


I also love to shop in my closet-- it’s pretty awesome. One of my favorite things to do with Elizabeth is pull out everything I currently own, and create new outfits/combinations we’ve never wore! It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime.

Also, Persona Clothing Co.! You know those girls you see and think “ugh they always look so cute, I can never find different clothes like that.” Now you can. Shameless plug? Maybe.

5) What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?



Short shorts.

Not enough clothing. Covering up is actually really sexy, and way more flattering. Although, in days past I’ve been faulted for doing both-- so I don’t judge others, NOT AT ALL.


Outfits that are too matchy-matchy. You’ll never find me in a shirt that matches my shoes, that matches my headband, that matches my water bottle. Most days I put things together that don’t match at all, and Elizabeth has to ask me what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I was thinking. Oh, and my socks never match... but that’s partially my dryers fault.

Also, dressing to look like someone you’re not. Be you, dress how you want and in what you think looks good. If Entertainment Tonight or People magazine tells you that what you wear or how you look isn’t good enough, you can tell their shallow opinions to take a hike.

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