Sophistication Meets Flower Child With AngelEye

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Angeleye Womens Clothes
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Have you ever tried combing through stores, looking through rack after rack of clothing, just searching for that one piece your wardrobe is missing? You have a look you’ve created in your mind, you’ve envisioned the outfit a thousand times, but maybe today isn’t your lucky day. Visiting five stores certainly takes the fun out of shopping. Thankfully, AngelEye has done the work for you. They’ve combed through the hippest places in London, kept their eye on fashion trends through several decades, and come to you with the most perfect clothing imaginable.

Angeleye Womens Clothes

A Party In Your Closet

            Angeleye’s line can only be described as Coachella coming to your bedroom. In fact, they’ve created an entire line aptly named “Festival Fever,” which integrates flowy dresses with flower prints and fringe. This collection pieces together lacy tops and maxi skirts, and will give any woman a boost of youthfulness. It’s apparent that the garments are designed with functionality in mind; nothing is too tight or too short. One could easily go to a festival in any one of their outfits.

Angeleye Womens Clothing

Sleek Style

            On the flip side of things, Angeleye also offers gorgeous and feminine business looks. Their pants are slightly cropped and tailored to give your legs the illusion of length, yet remain professional enough to wear to the office. Pair the trousers with a drape jacket and you have a super chic and appropriate wear to work style.

            Fun prints adorn their tops and tees, and would make the perfect addition to any daytime look or weekend outfit. Angeleye pushes the envelope a little with certain pieces, giving you the option for a more daring look when you so desire. I especially love the embellished metallic bralette; it looks like you’re ready to walk the red carpet at a fraction of the cost.


Vintage Vibes

            What’s so great about the mission at Angeleye is that their clothing dares to embrace styles of the past and imparts a vintage feel into many of their pieces. Jumpsuits are coming back with a bang, and Angeleye doesn’t miss a beat in creating one with modern, clean lines and a punchy orange color. They don’t hold back when it comes to flower and paisley either; a large portion of their collection features these prints, done in a modern way.

Angeleye takes all the elements you love about fashion from decades ago; the way a crop top hits you at just the right spot, or the piping on a 50’s inspired dress, and transforms them into something that looks relevant in today’s fashion world.


Angel Xue Does The Work For You

            Eternally roaming the streets of London, Angeleye’s founder Angel Xue makes a personal commitment to continue to bring up to date styles that you’ll long to wear. From rock and roll vibes in Camden Market to vintage finds in Spitalfields, she will consistently deliver garments that evoke a feeling of passion, beauty, and femininity.

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