Pink Martini Womens Clothes - Featuring our New White Coast Midi Dress

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Pink Martini Womens Clothes

For those who carry the beach and the boardwalk in their heart-regardless of where life finds you. The West Coast Midifits without a fuss; it’s the dress that’s a breeze to pull off and makes you look oh so glamourous. The casual chic yet glamourous appeal of this dress makes it versatile—enabling you to wear it to work, for a walk to the grocery store, or as you probably prefer, to the beach or out for lunch on the boardwalk.

Pink Martini Womens Clothing

The White Coast Midi Dress from Pink Martini is that chic and sophisticated yet casual dress for the modern woman who takes everything in stride—epitomizing the spirit of Pink Martini who design for the free spirited and independent woman of our day. It has a white base and solid blue stripes with a light refreshing and classic look.

Pink Martini clothes

Made in cotton, it is just the thing you should have this summer. The hem hits mid calf, with a V neck and overlapping lapels that make it most delicately feminine. The belted pattern high around the waist drapes itself elegantly around you, no matter what your body shape is.

Pink Martini Womens Clothing

Let’s talk versatility. Slip a pair of peeptoes on and it looks like it was made to be that unrivalled office dress. Wear it with pair of sneakers for that leisurely walk with your dog. Going out for a lunch, stroll along the beach, or date on the yacht? It makes the perfect sailor dress teamed with a scarf and fleet shoes. Couple it with a light floral bracelet and small shiny studs, and you are ready for a party. Date night?  Wear that killer red lipstick and those merciless high heels to look hot but stay cool.

It’s truly elegance that can be worn for nearly any occasion-whether you have a wedding shower, a vacation or are just going on a leisurely stroll. The best part is-it doesn’t cost a fortune to both look stunning and feel comfortable.

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