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Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring Cleaning your Closet

Mar 31 2016 0 Comments Tags: classic womens clothing, Edgy Chic Fashion Blog, modern womens clothing, spring cleaning fashion, Spring Cleaning your Closet, timeless womens clothing, trendy womens clothing blog, trendy womens fashion blog

Edgy Chic Fashion Blog According to the calendar Spring is here, but you wouldn’t know it by looking out my window today. Yes, it's a Spring blizzard, with up to 9 inches of snow predicted. In spite of the March blizzard, we love  everything about Spring. The tulips peeking through in the flower beds, the green grass, and Persona's fresh new spring styles that are arriving daily.Each year I pick a weekend and completely clean out my closet. It’s exhausting but what an invigorating task! Spring cleaning your closet should not be a slash and burn approach, but used as an opportunity to take stock...

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