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Why Persona?

Jul 09 2015 0 Comments Tags: edgy chic, Edgy Chic Clothing Stores, edgy chic womens fashion, office clothes for women, parisian clothes for women, womens clothes, womens clothing, womens officewear

Edgy Chic Clothing Stores Hi- I’m Trish, Kaitlyn and Elizabeth’s mom. I help the girls with some of the behind-the-scenes business work for Persona. I will also be posting blogs to the site periodically and am looking forward to sharing my love of  clothes and style with all of you! That being said, I was recently asked, “What it is like working with your daughters?” To answer that: The relationship between a mother and her daughters, as well as the relationship between sisters, is beautiful and sometimes very interesting. We can go from disagreeing ferociously, to genuinely laughing with one...

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