About Us

Persona Team

Co-Owners Elizabeth, Kaitlyn, Trish, Emily

We are proud to offer highly coveted, feminine modern chic, modern classic, and timeless chic clothing labels. We cater to women who work to live life on purpose, full of passion, optimism, and authenticity. We hope you love the spirit of Persona as much as you do the brands we have chosen to represent the company--casual yet sophisticated, modern yet timeless, edgy with a hint of glam, a hybrid combination of French & Spanish flair. Yes, it does in fact work & blends quite nicely together.

We are a lifestyle brand that strives to ensure our garments are wearable in all aspects of your busy life & in the many roles you play. We represent all women, regardless of age.

The Persona client prefers to look put together, but would rather not try too hard. She knows the key to real beauty is in well-constructed & perfectly fitted clothes that act to accentuate her natural beauty & unique self.

One of the biggest goal’s of Persona is to continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We also seek to improve all aspects of our brand including customer service and style selection. Above all, to remain faithful to who we are as a company. We are committed to finding brands that appear undeniably Persona, exuding romance & playfulness, beauty & elegance, a little bit of edge and a hint of glam. After all, we want you to feel like the boss of your world that you are.

Lastly our  #1 simple and straightforward fashion advice is this. Don’t follow Trends, make Trends follow you: You don’t need to follow every fashion trend to be stylish, quite the opposite. Buy what flatters you and it will be a timeless piece for seasons to come.

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